Papaya Plan

Get the most out of it!

Papaya Plan

  • Price : $245
  • Duration : 30 days
Papaya Plan

Who is this service for?

For those who want to improve their diet and reach a healthy weight, and are looking for support and motivation to achieve that. You will have my constant 100% attention along the whole process.

What does it include?

  • Initial assessment: body mass index assessment, eating habits, blood test samples analysis, physical activity level, and overall health status.
  • Customized eating plan with calorie prescription.
  • Weekly menu based on your preferences, needs, and food intolerances.
  • Grocery shopping list.

What are the benefits of this plan?

  • The process will be highly effective since I will be your partner all along.
  • You will be able to ask me any questions that may arise on the process. You will be able to write to me at any time.
  • We will adjust the eating plan when necessary. There’s no time to waste!
  • You will be able to ask me, at any time, any question you may have about what to eat when you are not at home: when you go to a restaurant, have a social event, or travel, for example.
This service is 100% online. It doesn't include phone calls.