Organizational Wellness

"Wellness in Action" Program
registered dietitian wellness program

Do you run a company and want your team be healthier and more productive?

Organizational wellness is one the most frequently used strategies by companies that want to offer more wellness to their employees while contributing to the company’s success.

For some time now, it is not only important but also well appreciated to bear the “healthy business” label. On top of that, many studies support the high profitability of this investment.

What’s the purpose of the program “Wellness in Action”?

To foster a healthy change in the employees’ eating habits and lifestyle. To achieve that, talks and workshops are provided. Moreover, customized nutritional consulting is offered with the following goals:

  • Improve each of the team members’ nutrition, health, and life quality.

  • Enhance internal communication through activities that allow people to prove their nutritional knowledge.

  • Foster an open interaction culture on health and wellness to help reduce stress at work.

  • Strenghten everyone’s immune system and reduce workplace absenteeism due to illnesses.

  • Increase the employees’ motivation and commitment, and improve your organizational performance.

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Activities of the program “Wellness in Action”

  • Educational talks
  • Nutritional consulting
  • Nutritional coaching
  • “More Steps, More Health” challenge
  • Educational newsletters
  • Microwellness challenge

And many more that can be adapted to the requirements of your organization!

corporate nutritional coaching

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Organizational wellness is an investment in the future of your company

It offers short and long-term benefits and can be implemented not only by large multinational companies but also by small and medium-sized organizations.

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