Nutritional Coaching

Where does it stem from?

Throughout my career as a dietitian-nutritionist, I have developed plenty of eating plans that led to great results. And I must say that, when my clients reach their goals and feel happy with their achievements, I feel fulfilled and highly satisfied as a professional. However, I also experienced the opposite from time to time. Some clients ended up feeling frustrated along the way and did not reach the success they were looking for. I felt I had failed on those occasions. I didn’t give up, though. I wondered what else I could do to help them.

As I was seeking a new work approach that would allow me to get better results with all of my clients, I came across the concept of coaching. It was exactly what I needed to be able to provide a comprehensive nutrition counseling service. Thus, in 2015, I started to enroll in coaching and neuro-linguistic programming courses, and in 2018, I earned a postgraduate degree on Nutritional Coaching and New Approaches in Patient Care at the University of Barcelona.

Would you like to achieve long-term results?

Following an eating plan may seem simple. The challenge lies in adopting it as a lifestyle to achieve permanent results. Implementing new eating habits depends on many aspects that are generally disregarded in traditional nutrition consulting. Although some of these aspects may seem difficult to change, others are easier to address. In that case, the coach, i.e. the nutrition specialist, accompanies the patient and provides tools and resources to deal with aspects such as a lack of social support, family influence, and poor time management.

If you are reading this, it means that you are looking for a new strategy regarding the way you relate to food. This is the time to try a different approach!

What is the nutritional coaching service about?

As your coach, I will help you find your intrinsic motivation through self-discovery work. I will help you identify your values, strengths, and weaknesses, and become aware of the barriers you need to overcome. I commit myself to building a relationship based on trust and confidentiality with you. We will engage in life-changing conversations that will help you get to know yourself better in order to boost your confidence.

What does the nutritional coaching plan include?

  • Initial interview and commitment agreement.

  • Eating plan.

  • 7-day menu.

  • Action plan.

  • Tools and exercises to encourage yourself, overcome barriers and take action.

  • Five coaching sessions through phone call or video call.

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