Frequently Asked Questions

Do plans renew automatically?

No. Don’t worry. Once the plan you have hired expires, you will receive an automated email informing you about the expiration and giving you the option to renew it.

Do you work with vegetarian diets?

Yes, I do. I support this diet. We will design a balanced, varied and healthy plant-based eating plan.

How long does it take to notice weight loss results?

You set up your own weight loss pace with your discipline and commitment. It will also depend on the context. A healthy weight loss involves losing around 1 and 2.5 pounds (between 0.5 and 1 kilograms) per week. One important point to consider is that the more overweight a person is, the quicker they will lose weight at the initial stage.

Will I have to stop eating certain foods?

No. We can design a balanced and healthy eating plan that includes the foods you enjoy and that are part of your food culture.

Do I need to have a medical condition or be overweight to benefit from these plans?

No. We all need to nourish our bodies in a healthy way, regardless of our weight. A proper diet is key to preventing many diseases.

Can my family follow the same plan?

The nutritional guidelines I provide in my plans are suitable for the whole family. However, the calorie prescription is customized. Therefore, it is not likely to meet the calorie requirements of the other family members.

Is it necessary to purchase special foods that are more expensive?

In general, a smart and healthy diet shouldn’t harm your finances. Nevertheless, I am still aware that lean meat, fish, and organic products are more expensive. Thus, my piece of advice for you is that you always choose local products to avoid additional costs. Anyway, we will remove certain products from your diet, such as ultra-processed foods, that are not only expensive but also quite unhealthy, like granola bars, breakfast cereals, and all kinds of light and diet products.

Can I still go out to eat?

Yes, sure. Plus, I will teach you to how to make the best decisions when eating out. You can follow a healthy diet and still have an active social life!

Do I have to work out?

My guidelines will help you achieve your goals through your eating plan. Nevertheless, working out frequently will not only allow you to achieve your goals faster, but also improve your body composition and overall health. Take into account that just a daily walk will help you be on the right path!

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